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Mike Davies, Peterborough Examiner sportswriter continues to cover Peterborough Petes Hockey games despite being visually impaired and considered legally blind.

Davies started covering sports for his hometown paper 17 years ago, taking a job at the paper as he came out of university. He’s only missed one game in that time, and is one of only four OHL beat reporters who travels with his team.

When he started covering Hockey, his vision was fine. The condition affects everyone differently, and he held out hope that it would be easy on him. But his vision has deteriorated markedly since those early days, and he now relies on his two decades of experience to get him around familiar arenas across the province.

He’s covered the OHL for most of his career and knows the buildings in and out. He once dreamed of covering the NHL, but has come to terms with staying in familiar surroundings. He never thought he’d be running the paper’s sports section (and still doing day-to-day reporting) but knows that he needs to adapt in a changing media world.

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