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Regina Monarchs / Regina Falcons - Regina Patricias - Regina Pats -

The oldest major junior team in the world, the Regina Pats were formed in 1917 and t heir original name was the Regina Patricia, after the military unit, Princess Patricia's Canadian Light Infantry, which was named after Princess Patricia of Connaught, granddaughter of Queen Victoria, and whose regimental crest is still worn on the shoulder of the club's jerseys -
1927-1928 Season - At the start of the season, the Regina Pats and Regina Falcons joined as one team. The new club became known as the Regina Monarchs. Howie Milne took over coaching from Al Ritchie due to Amateur hockey rules which would not permit Al Ritchie to coach the team from the players box because of his connections with the professional coaching of the Regina Capitals.

1927-28 Regina Monarchs Roster: Goalie: Jim Langford (Captain) (Pats) Defense: John Achtzener (Falcons), Carl Bergi (Falcons) Centre: Len Dowie (Falcons), Chuck Farrow (Falcons) L.Wing: Harold Shaw (Pats), Ken "Swede" Williams (Pats) R.Wing: Harold "Mush" March (Falcons), Ab Holt (Pats) Coach-Manager: Howie Milne (Pats) Trainer: Bob Bentley (Pats) Stick Boy: Jimmie Winters (Pats)

The Monarch finished in first place with 6 wins, 0 loses, 48 goals for, 9 goals against; Regina Argos, 2 wins, 4 losses, 19 goals for, 21 goals against, 2 points; Moose Jaw Maroons, 1 win, 5 losses, 15 goals for, 52 goals against, 2 points.

Southern Play-Offs - Monday, February 20, Regina Monarch piled up a 20-0 score over the Yellow Grass Juniors. The Monarchs towered head and shoulders over the visitors. The visitors were absolute strangers to the large ice surface and Monarchs had no trouble breaking through at will. Yellow Grass were unable to break through the Monarchs defense. They shot from long range and goalie, Jimmy Langford, had a very easy night.

On Wednesday, Monarchs took the second game by a 12-2 score over local Yellow Grass. The local lads scored the first two goals of the game when Bevan caught Jim Langford napping. From then on it was Monarchs in possession, scoring goals at will. Harold March was the big hero amongst the sharp shooters as he scored half the Monarch goals in the series, seven goals in the second game and nine in the first contest.

Provincial Final - Wednesday, February 28, the local Regina Monarchs came up with a 6-3 victory against the Saskatoon Wesleys at the Regina Stadium. Had anybody but the Wesleys' Lyle Richardson been in the net, the score could have been a 16-3 victory. Richardson saved the team from a much worse drubbing by his sensational saves.

On Friday, it took Howie Milnes' fast skating Regina Monarchs two periods to get warmed up. Regina scored eight goals in the third period and finished on the big end of a 11-5 score. Going into the third period with a 3-2 lead, the Monarchs performed one of the most spectacular displays of puck handling ever witnessed on the Saskatoon ice.

For the second year in succession the Blaimore Juniors, Alberta Champions, appeared in Regina. They eliminated Fernie, B.C. and the Calgary Canadians.

Western Semi-Final - Thursday, March 8, the Monarchs white washed the Alberta kids 7-0 at the Regina Stadium. For the second year in a row, goalie Dave Kemp was Blaimore's star.

On Saturday, Monarchs won 6-1 and took the round 13-1. Right winger Harold "Mush" March was the leading player for the Monarchs. Speed he had, and speed he showed, as he made lone rushes scoring four goals.

Monday, March 12, Regina Morning Leader Sports write-up stated: "Peter Parker gives the hockey fans a report of the game over CKCK radio. Four hundred patients at the Fort Qu'Appelle Sanatorium were listening in as well as others all over the province."

Western Final - Abbott Cup - Tuesday, March 13, Regina Monarchs swamped the hometown Kenora Thistles 8-0. Regina matched Kenora's pace at the start, then added to it. At the end of the first period Monarchs lead 3-0. In the second period they tallied four more goals. Had it not been for Lagner in the Kenora net in the third period, there is no telling what the final outcome might have been. Harold Shaw, suffering from an attack of the flu, scored all three goals in the first period and a single goal in the final period.
On Thursday, the Monarchs tasted their first defeat of the season. After 21 straight victories, Kenora defeated the Regina Monarchs 4-3. The Monarchs romped through the Kenora Thistles at will Tuesday, but on Thursday it was the Thistle forwards sticking to their lighter Regina forwards like glue. The Thistles didn't look like the same team. Although the Monarchs lost, they took the round 11-4 and were headed to the Memorial Cup.

Memorial Cup - Wednesday, March 21, half an hour before the game started, crowds formed lines outside in last minute efforts to get tickets. There were over 8,500 fans witnessing the game. Scalpers, with the nerve and foresight to buy up tickets, greeted eager supporters of the west who were on hand ready to pay up to eight dollars for a pair of tickets.

Regina Monarchs 5'5" Harold March scored all four goals as the Monarchs scored a 4-3 victory over the Ottawa Gunners. The game was played at the Toronto Arena Gardens and the Regina club won because they kept their heads. Under a vicious onslaught of deliberate dirty play, they stayed on the ice and showed a little more experience than the heavier Ottawa opponents. Twenty-two penalties were handed out for everything from illegal body checks to fighting.

On Friday, Regina Monarchs were defeated 2-1. Tight defense made it tough for Monarchs to get through. The small ice surface of Varsity Arena, which holds only 4,500 people as compared with the down town Arena Gardens, proved bothersome to the western speedsters.

The Ottawa Gunners played strict attention to Harold March, right winger speedster from the Prairies. March was checked so closely and rigorously that it took everything he had to hold back his temper. Harold March scored Monarchs only goal. To date, he had scored all of Monarchs five goals.

Monday, with the series tied one game each, the Regina Monarchs showed true colours and overwhelmed Ottawa 7-1 in the third and deciding game. The game was played back at the Toronto Arena Gardens. Sticking to business, the white-shirted greyhounds made a profound impression on the fans. From start to finish, the Monarchs excelled in their speed.

The break finally came to the westerners and they proved a powerful factor in their winning the World Hockey Championship. Centre Len Dowie broke the game wide open as he scored three goals in the last period - Season 1927/28 Information from Ron SCOREBOARD Johnston at

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