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Uploaded By: PRESIDENT on September 25th, 2012

North Ward Hockey Team
Winners Senior City Championship 1912
Victoria, British Columbia, Canada

Winners of the the Dudleigh Cup, which was presented by Percy Richardson (who is in the photo)

Sourced from PRESIDENT's Collection. Credited to Larrigan.


about 10 years ago

Great uncle Percy.... The "North Ward" was located near Douglas st. and Hillside ave. in Victoria B.C. His nephew played as a goalie in the long gone arena in Oak Bay (gone due to fire) near Epworth and Cadboro bay rd.'s

about 10 years ago

Finally figured it out, the trophy (cup) in the picture is called the Dudleigh cup.. and is in other victoria hockey teams pictures from the early 1900's before 1912.

about 10 years ago

sorry after 1912 - !

about 10 years ago

To David Richardson - Thanks for the information on the North Ward Hockey Team. Your Great Uncle Percy, who is pictured, also Presented The Dudleigh Cup to the winners each year. Can you please upload any photos you have access to of other winners of the Dudleigh Cup, and/or any good antique photos of Hockey - Thank You :-)


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