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Kanada-malja Trophy - Finland SM-liiga Ice Hockey League Championship Trophy.

Kanada-malja is Finnish for "Canada Bowl", and is so named because it was donated by Canada's Finnish Community in 1951.

The engraving on the plaque reads :
SUOMEN JÄÄKIEKKOLIITOLLE (which means To the Finnish Hockey Federation)
KANADAN SUOMALAISILTA KANSALLISSEUROILTA (which means From The Finnish National Associations of Canada)
NOTE - There are some misspellings, but this is what is meant to be read.

This trophy has been awarded to the champion team of the top ice Hockey league in Finland since 1951.

SM-Sarja was the top level of ice Hockey in Finland from 1928 to 1975.
SM-sarja is a common abbreviation for Suomen mestaruussarja, "Finnish Championship Series".

The SM-liiga was constituted in 1975 to concentrate the development of top level Finnish ice Hockey, and pave the way towards professionalism.
SM is a common abbreviation for Suomen mestaruus, "Finnish championship"
Known as SM-liiga from 1975 to 2013

On August 9, 2013, the league dropped the SM, and simply became Liiga.

Colloquially called the Finnish Elite League in English, this is the top professional ice Hockey league in Finland.

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