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Christ's Hospital is a English public boarding school for pupils aged 11–18.

It has a royal charter and is located to the south of Horsham in West Sussex, England.

The school was founded by King Edward VI in 1552 and received its first royal charter in 1553. Since its establishment, Christ's Hospital has been a charity school, with a core aim to offer children from humble backgrounds the chance of a better education. The school has had locations in Greyfriars, London and Hertford prior to moving to Horsham.

This is a early picture of boys playing a type of field Hockey in the courtyard with either the Grecians' Arch or the Wren Arch in the background. These arch's were historic architectural features from the old school buildings that were were salvaged and incorporated in the new buildings that were built at Horsham.

The boys are all dressed the same, in the Tudor school uniform, which consists of belted, long blue coats, knee-breeches, yellow socks, and bands at the neck. The uniform has been in place since 1553. The nickname "Blue-coat School" comes from the blue coats worn by the students; however, the nickname used within the school community itself is "Housey" and the long coat is called a "Housey coat".

Notice the boy holding the ball under the front of his foot, almost like a faceoff.

Christ's Hospital school had just opened in 1902, becoming a school just for boys. It now had 1,200 acres and the foundation stone was laid by Edward, Prince of Wales on October 23, 1897, on behalf of the sovereign, the date being the anniversary of the birthday of the founder. Over the centuries Christ's Hospital has continued to enjoy royal patronage. In 1919, George V became the first royal patron, followed by George VI in 1937 and Elizabeth II in 1953.


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