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Emile Percival "The Cat" Francis - Born September 13, 1926 in North Battleford, Saskatchewan – Died February 19, 2022 was a Canadian ice Hockey goaltender, coach, and general manager.

Francis acquired his nickname "the Cat" while playing for the Moose Jaw Canucks of the Saskatchewan Junior Hockey League during the 1945–46 season, when a sportswriter described him as "quick as a cat"

During the 1945-46 season, Francis experimented with a first baseman's glove, adding a cuff to provide extra support and protection; the modification was a huge success and became the prototype for the glove used by net minders all over the world today

1st NHL game on February 9, 1947 playing for the Chicago Black Hawks vs Boston Bruins in a 6-4 Black Hawks win at Chicago Stadium.

1st NHL Shutout on February 11, 1948 vs Boston Bruins at Boston Garden. 3-0.

- Calder Cup Champion 1954 with Cleveland Barons.

Emile Francis was inducted into the Hockey Hall of Fame in 1982

Emile Francis was the recipient of the Lester Patrick Trophy in 1982.

Emile Francis was inducted into the Saskatchewan Sports Hall of Fame in 2002

Emile Francis was awarded the Wayne Gretzky International Award in 2015.


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