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The North Bay Rink Company Ltd., which was in the vicinity of King St. and Ferguson in North Bay, Ontario.

Home of the 228th Battalion “Northern Fusiliers” Hockey Team, the 141st Battalion Senior Hockey Team.

The rink burned in 1928.

North Bay, which had already sent the 97th Regiment (today the Algonquin Regiment) to the First World War, contributed three more battalions, comprising enlistees from across Northeastern Ontario: the 159th, 228th, and 256th Battalions.

The 228th Battalion, created in March 1916, was singled out for an additional, special assignment.

To fishhook young men into military service, the army arranged with the National Hockey Association, ancestor of the National Hockey League, to have a team play in the 1916-1917 season. The hope was Canadian males would associate the army with the excitement, glamour, and celebrity of the NHA, and sign up in droves.

The 228th – nicknamed the "Northern Fusiliers" would form the sixth. To ensure the 228th could match the play of these premier team, and not embarrass the army, major professional and A-list amateur players were enticed to join, most under an agreement they wouldn’t have to fight overseas.

Because the 228th Battalion was training in Southern Ontario, the North Bay team was named the Toronto 228th Battalion.


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