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Alexander Leone Lally "Bud" Cook - Born November 20, 1907 in Kingston, Ontario – Died November 13, 1993 was a professional ice Hockey centre.

Cook played his junior Hockey in the North Saskatchewan Junior Hockey League with the Saskatoon Pats (1924-25), the Saskatoon Wesleys (1925-26) and the Saskatoon Collegiate until 1928.

Cook then went south and turned pro in the California league with the Oakland Sheiks, playing there for 2 seasons until they sold his playing rights to the Montreal Canadiens in February, 1930.

Montreal sent Cook to their minor league affiliate Providence Reds, where cook played a season of Hockey, when he was sold to the Boston Bruins by Montreal on May 13, 1931.

Cook played 28 NHL games in Boston and scored four goals, four assists and finished the season with the Bruins minor league affiliate Boston Cubs. Cook then played the next season (1932-33) with the Cubs and was then traded to the Ottawa Senators by the Bruins with Percy Galbraith and Ted Saunders for Bob Gracie, October 4, 1933.

Cook played 18 games for Ottawa and was able to score one goal. The rest of his year was spent back in the minors with the Detroit Olympics. Cook would get one more chance at the NHL level. The Senators ceased operations and the franchise was transferred to St. Louis for the 1934-35 season, and Cook played just four games with the St. Louis Eagles.

Cook would then spend the next eight years in Cleveland, playing for the Cleveland Falcons from 1934 to 1936, and then the Falcons became the Barons. Cook would play on 2 Calder Cup championship teams while in Cleveland - 1939, and 1941.

Cook then served in WWII, and got to play on the Coast Guard Clippers Hockey team. After the war, Cook joined the PCHL Oakland Oaks for the 1945-46 season, and retired from Hockey when the season ended.

Bud is the brother of Bill Cook and Bun Cook.


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