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Crescents Hockey Team
Boyle Trophy / Boyle Challenge Cup Champions 1908
St. John's Hockey Association, Newfoundland

Team Roster
Will H. Herder, George Marshall, S. Pearce, Ralph Burnham, Gus Herder, K. Townshend, J. Callahan, Don Trapnell.

In 1904 Governor Charles Cavendish Boyle donated a trophy intended as a perpetual Newfoundland Hockey Association Challenge Cup. It was to be awarded to the winner of a competition between the British Colony of Newfoundland and the Canadian Maritimes. A regular series didn't materialize so Governor Boyle agreed that the cup would be awarded each year to the City League champions. The Challenge Cup, more commonly known as the Boyle Trophy, is the third oldest known ice Hockey trophy in the world which was contested until 1971.

The original cup is made of sterling silver with three handles shaped as lions that are looking up into the cup. The cup was mounted on a base of locally turned mahogany. The names of all the winners up to 1918 are engraved on the silver cup. After 1918 the winners' names are engraved on plates attached to the wooden base.

Inscribed on the cup is the verse "We Love Thee Frozen Land" from Ode to Newfoundland, composed by Governor Boyle in 1902. Several months after Boyle donated the cup, Ode to Newfoundland was adopted as the official national anthem for Newfoundland, then a self-governing British Colony. It was re-adopted in 1980 as it's provincial anthem.

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