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Frank Fredrickson with a Nieuport 17 Aircraft at the Royal Flying Corps Training Depot Station in Gullane, Scotland - 1918

Fredrickson's journal records that during his time at Gullane he flew five different airplanes: the Camel, SE5, Avro 504, Sopwith Pup and Bristol Fighter.

'There was no serviceable SE5, so I flipped a Camel for 50 minutes and fired 200 rounds at the ground target, then returned to the Drome and zoomed the hangars and machines, for which I got a severe ticking off from the Major as I only missed him by a couple of feet.'
(Journal, 30 August 1918)

'Today I was officially notified that I would be test pilot for ARS [Aircraft Repair Section] until I go to Ayr for my course. This is a responsible job and requires that I should test all newly assembled machines before they are delivered to the Flights. After lunch I tested two more SE5 with Hesparios. Also one Avro.'
(Journal, 13 October 1918)

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