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M.A.A.A. Grounds
Montreal Amateur Athletic Association Grounds

The grounds were purchased in December, 1887, at a cost of $$45,000.
The work of grading commenced in May, 1888, and finished in July.
Fences were put up and a grand stand and club house erected.
A cinder track, three laps to the mile, was laid out, leaving the playing part of the field 600 feet long by 430 feet wide.
The running track was reported to be one of the fastest on the continent. Bicycle racing, track and field, cricket, lacrosse, rugby, tennis and other sporting events took place in the summer. In 1899, it welcomed the World Bicycle Meeting.

On May 25, 1890, the grounds were formally opened.

The grand stand would accommodate over 3,300 persons.

A huge open-air skating rink (330 by 150 feet) was installed in the centre of the field including 20 lights for night skating. Live bands played twice a week. In 1897, the rink hosted the World Skating Championship. From 1901 to 1905 it regularly hosted the joint Canadian and American skating championships.

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