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Bert Corbeau Hockey Card
William Paterson V-145-1 Set
Toronto St. Patricks
1923 / 24

1923 V145-1 Hockey card fronts feature a sepia-tinted player picture. A thin black line divides the photo from the white border area. Below the photo is a card number, along with the player's name, team and league designation. The backs are blank.

There are 40 cards in the 1923 V145-1 Hockey set representing four NHL teams. Players are grouped by team, with Ottawa, Montreal, Toronto and Hamilton making up the set.

Although there is no indication as to who produced the V145 set, the accepted theory is that Canadian confectioner William Patterson, Ltd issued it.

Bertram Orian Corbeau
Born February 9, 1894 in Penetanguishene, Ontario - Died September 21, 1942 in Georgian Bay, Ontario, Canada

Corbeau was a member of the Montreal Canadiens first Stanley Cup championship team in 1916

Corbeau was the first player to play for both the Montreal Canadiens and the Toronto Maple Leafs. In the 1926–27 season, he became the first player to record 100 minutes in NHL penalties in one season.

Corbeau is not in the Hockey Hall of Fame.

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