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With the impending release of “Goon”, a new hockey movie starring Seann ‚Ä®William Scott, let’s look back at some of the best hockey movies to ever hit the big and small screen.

10. “The Sweater”- 1980

Even though it’s only a ten minute animated short, this NFB produced film had huge impact to any Canadian kid growing up in the 80’s. It was a regular staple in between shows on CBC, and still holds up.

9. “Keep Your Head Up Kid: The Don Cherry Story” – 2010

A two part mini-series that aired on CBC is a bit schmaltzy, but what else would you expect considering he’s still working for the company and it’s directed by his son. It’s still an interesting look at the life of the sometimes controversial coach turned commentator.

8. “Les Boys” – 1997

Was a huge hit in Quebec that actually produced three sequels and even an English TV series. This is the original, and although it’s very Quebecois, most people will probably get the humour even without the subtitles.

7. “Youngblood” – 1986

It’s a hockey movie starring Rob Lowe and Patrick Swayze. Do you need any other reason to watch this super cheesy 80’s flick?

6. “Idol of the Crowds” – 1937

John Wayne? In a hockey movie? This movie is actually an interesting look at the hockey world as it was back in the 1930’s. Exaggerated? Sure, but it’s the only hockey movie that’s worth watching that’s older than 1977.

5. “Mystery, Alaska” – 1999

Sport movies all have their clichés, and the underdog story is the most common of them, but it’s the best one. This one stars Russell Crowe and Burt Reynolds of all people.

4. “Gross Misconduct” – 1993

One of the most intriguing stories of a hockey player that you may have never heard of: Brian Spencer. His story is riveting and it got excellent treatment from indie-film maker Atom Egoyan that was surprisingly aired on CBC even though it’s rated R.

3. “Miracle” – 2004

The ultimate underdog story is slickly made and Kurt Russell gives a great performance as Herb Brooks. Kind of suffers because the story is so well known, so there really isn’t any suspense, but as far as hockey movies go, it’s right at the top.

2. “The Rocket” – 2005

The classic hockey scenes alone make this a top notch movie, but it chronicles the story of a player that many of a new generation may have forgotten, making this a must watch for every hockey fan.

1. “Slap Shot” – 1977

Would there be any other as the #1 hockey movie of all-time? It has such great rewatchability, and is so quoted, and referenced which is as good as a barometer for a classic as anything. The presence of Paul Newman really does give this movie its staying power though, he lends instant credibility to a pretty blue movie.

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Sweater doesn't count as a Movie..Its like 10 min long..and where is Mighty Ducks figured that should deff be in the top 10


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