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Carol William "Cully" Wilson (Karl Wilhons Erlendson) - Born June 5, 1892 in Winnipeg, Manitoba – Died July 7, 1962 in Seattle, Washington was an Canadian ice Hockey right winger and coach.

- Hanston Trophy / Manitoba Icelandic League Champion 1909 with Icelandic Club Vikings (Winnipeg Vikings).

- O'Brien Trophy Champion 1914 with Toronto Blueshirts.

- Stanley Cup Champion 1914 with Toronto Blueshirts, 1917 with Seattle Metropolitans.
Stanley Cup finalist 1924 with Calgary Tigers.

- Pacific Coast Hockey Association / PCHA Champion 1917, 1919 with Seattle Metropolitans.

- Merchants Casualty Cup Champion 1924 with Calgary Tigers.

Cully Wilson was a member of the Chicago Black Hawks 1st NHL season in 1926-27.

Carol (Cully) Wilson was inducted into the Manitoba Hockey Hall of Fame in 2015.

Cully Wilson was a notorious tough Hockey player, called “little dervish on skates" while playing in Seattle, "Cully the Carver" while in Calgary. He led the NHA, the PCHA and the NHL in penalty minutes in three different seasons.


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