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Gaylord 'The Marvellous Mohawk' Powless - Born December 1, 1946 in Six Nations of the Grand River Territory, Ontario - Died July 28, 2001 in Ohsweken, Ontario was a Canadian Indigenous (Mohawk) Lacrosse forward and coach.

Under legendary lacrosse coach Jim Bishop, Powless would learn and excel at the game while playing for the Oshawa Green Gaels.

- Minto Cup Champion 1964, 1965, 1966, 1967 with Oshawa Green Gaels.
- Jim McConaghy Memorial Award as Minto Cup MVP 1964, 1967.

- Ken Ross Trophy Winner for ability and sportsmanship in 1965 and 1966.

In 1966, Powless racked up 191 points, setting a new Canadian single-season scoring record for junior lacrosse.

- Tom Longboat Award Winner for best First Nation athlete in Canada 1968.

Mann Cup Champion 1971 with the Brantford Warriors.
Mann Cup finalist 1972.

Powless represented Canada 2 times in 1967 for field Lacrosse.
He won a bronze medal at the 1st World Championships in Toronto (1967 World Lacrosse Championship), organized by the Canadian Lacrosse Association.
He also played in the North American Indian Field Lacrosse Tournament held at EXPO 67 vs the USA team, winning gold.

Gaylord Powless was inducted into the Canadian Lacrosse Hall of Fame in 1990.

Gaylord Powless was inducted into the Oshawa Sports Hall of Fame in 2015.

Gaylord Powless was inducted into the Canada's Sports Hall of Fame in 2017.

Gaylord Powless was inducted into the Ontario Sports Hall Of Fame in 2023.

Wayne Gretzky Quote:
“I watched every Canadian, every North American that played lacrosse in the 60s and 70s,” said Gretzky. “Gaylord Powless was the greatest lacrosse player I ever saw play. He would do things with the ball and his stick that nobody’s ever done, nobody ever will do. He was just a very unique, special player. His creativity was so over the top. He could throw the ball backwards even better than he could throw the ball forward. And I remember watching him play each and every night idolizing what he brought, and how exciting it was as a young kid to watch him play.”


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