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German Men's National Field Hockey Team members Uli Vos, Dieter Freise, Carsten Keller, Michael Peter.

1972 Olympic Gold Medal Champions with West Germany.

The West German team defeated Pakistan 1-0 on a goal by
Michael Krause in the gold medal game on September 10, 1972 at Hockeyanlage.

The West German victory was the first title by a European nation since 1920, but this was marred by the behavior of Pakistani players, fans, and officials: during the last ten minutes of the gold medal match, the umpires had to stop play twice so that Pakistani fans who had invaded the pitch could be removed, while Pakistani players and officials repeatedly remonstrated with the umpires throughout that time.

At the final whistle, Pakistani fans and officials invaded the pitch and assaulted West German police and stadium security before storming the tournament officials' table and pouring a bucket of water over International Hockey Federation president Rene Frank, while the players stormed their locker room before proceeding to destroy it.

At the medal ceremony, the Pakistani players refused to wear their silver medals or face the West German flag as it was raised, and turned their backs as the West German national anthem was played.


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