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The G26 Allen & Ginter World Sovereigns banner is one of 28 banners that Allen & Ginter crafted to be redemption pieces for their small card sets.

14-1/2" wide x 31-1/2" tall.

The G26 banner is the companion piece for the N34 World's Sovereigns series.

All 50 sovereigns from the set are ringed around a central figure which appears, from the artwork on the small cards, to be the Queen of Italy.

Allen & Ginter was a Richmond, Virginia, tobacco manufacturing company formed by John F. Allen and Lewis Ginter around 1880. The firm created and marketed the first cigarette cards for collecting and trading in the United States. The cigarette brands of Allen & Ginter included Richmond Straight Cut No.1, Richmond Gems, Virginia Brights, Perfection, Dandies and Little Beauties.

In 1890, Allen & Ginter, along with other companies of the United States (W. Duke & Sons, W.S. Kimball & Company, Kinney Tobacco, and Goodwin & Company) formed the American Tobacco Company, in an attempt to compete against British tobacco companies.

Trade cards from the "World's Sovereigns" series, issued in 1889 in a set of 50 cards of the Kings and Queens and leaders of sovereign nations in the late 1880's when the set was issued to promote Allen & Ginter brand cigarettes. known as the N34 series.


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