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India Olympic Hockey Team
Olympic Field Hockey Champions 1936
Games of the XI Olympiad in Berlin, Germany

Team Roster
Dhyan Chand (captain), Roop Singh, Mahmood Jaffer, Earnest Goodsir-Cullen, Shahab-ud-Din, Carlyle Tapsell, Sayed Jaffar, Peter Fernandes, Ali Dara, Richard Allen, Ahmed Khan, Ahsan Khan, Lionel Emmett, Joseph Galibardy, Mohammed Hussain, Mirza Masood, Cyril Michie, Baboo Nimal, Joseph Phillips, Shabban , G.S. Garewal,

Team Manager - Swammi Jagan Nath

On August 15, 1936 before a crowd of 40,000 fans, India beat Germany 8-1 to win its hat trick of Olympic gold medals (1928, 1932, 1936). Dhyan Chand scored 3 of those goals, also losing a tooth in the match when he collided with the German goalkeeper. Chand played the second half of the match barefoot to increase his running speed, which he scored 2 goals in.

During the tournament, the Indian team scored 38 goals but only allowed the 1 goal scored by Germany against them.

This was the last Hockey team of undivided India.

Each country was allowed to enter a team of 22 players and they all were eligible for participation. A total number of 214 field Hockey players were entered......India had 19 players.

6 of the players representing India were Anglo-Indian
(Allen, Tapsell, Cullen, Emmett, Michie, Galibardy)


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