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Uploaded By: PRESIDENT on January 29th, 2020

I'll Take Hockey Any Time by John Kieran

I'm a fairly peaceful man, and a old-time baseball fan,
You can hear me yell when Heilman hits the ball;
And I howl when Ty Cobb stabs one, and I growl when Speakers grabs one,

And I roar when Babe Ruth's homer clears the wall.
But the diamond sport is quiet to that reeling rousing riot.
To a slashing game of Hockey at its prime;
It's a shindig wild and gay; it's a battle served frappe;
Give me Hockey; I'll take Hockey any time !

Once, while crazy with the heat, I coughed up to buy a seat,
Just to see a pair of robbers grab a purse.
It was a clinch and stall and shove and "Please excuse my glove,"
Till I blessed them with a healthy Irish curse.
But for fighting, fast and free, grab your hat and come with me.
Sure the thing they call boxing is a crime,
And for ground and lofty whacking and enthusiastic smoking,
Give me Hockey; I'll take Hockey any time !

I've a ever-ready ear for a rousing football cheer,
And I love to see a half-back tackle low.
It's a really georgeous when the boys begin to fight
With a touchdown only half a yard to go.
But take all the most exciting parts of football, baseball, fighting,
And mix them up to make a game sublime,
Serve it up with lots of ice, you don't have to ask me twice,
Give me Hockey; I'll take Hockey any time !

Yes, for speed and pep and action, there is only one attraction,
You'll see knockouts there a dozen for a dime,
When the bright steel blades are ringing and the shinny sticks are swinging,
Give me Hockey; I'll take Hockey any time !


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