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Czechoslovakia Hockey Team
World Ice Hockey Champions 1977

Team Roster
Milan Chalupa, Marián Šťastný, Jaroslav Pouzar, Jiří Holeček, Vladimír Dzurilla, Ivan Hlinka, Eduard Novák, Peter Šťastný, František Kaberle, Vincent Lukáč, Jaroslav Holík, Milan Nový, Jiří Bubla, Milan Kajkl, Jiří Novák, Miroslav Dvořák, Oldřich Machač, František Pospíšil, Bohuslav Ebermann, Vladimír Martinec, Marcel Sakáč

Head Coach - Karel Gut
Coach - Ján Starší
Manager - Oldrich Fairaizl
Masseur - Pavel Křížek
Doctor - Otto Trefný

Милан Халупа, Мариан Штястны, Ярослав Поузар, Иржи Холечек, Владо Дзурилла, Иван Глинка, Эдуард Новак, Петер Штястны, Франтишек Каберле, Винсент Лукач, Ярослав Холик, Милан Новы, Иржи Бубла, Милан Кайкл, Иржи Новак, Мирослав Дворжак, Олдржих Махач, Франтишек Поспишил, Богуслав Эберманн, Владимир Мартинец, Марцел Сакач

главный тренер - Карел Гут
тренер - Ян Старши
технический директор - Олдржих Файрайзль
массажист - Павел Кржижек
врач - Отто Трефны

The 1977 Ice Hockey World Championships took place in Vienna, Austria from 21 April to 8 May. Eight teams took part, first playing each other once, then the four best teams advancing to a new round. The tournament was also the 55th ice hockey European Championship. Czechoslovakia won for the fifth time, and second in a row, claiming their 14th and final European title as well.

The tournament itself was very close for the medals, with a spectacular last day. Canada, with a chance still to get a bronze, set a record by defeating the eventual champions eight to two. Never before had a first place team lost a game that badly. But the Swedes, by beating the Soviets for a second time, saved the Czechs, and at the same time pushed themselves into second and Canada into fourth.


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