Hockey Gods


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Row One from top Left to Right
Montreal Victorias, Montreal Shamrocks, Montreal Wanderers, Quebec Hockey Club, Montreal Canadiens, Cobalt Silver Kings, Quebec Bulldogs, Victoria Aristocrats

Row Two
Winnipeg Victorias, Montreal Hockey Club / Montreal AAA, Waterloo Colts, Ottawa Hockey Club, Haileybury Comets, Renfrew Creamery Kings, Toronto Arenas, Vancouver Hockey Club / Vancouver Millionaires

Row Three
Montreal Canadiens, New Westminster Royals, Seattle Metropolitans, Montreal Canadiens, Hamilton Tigers, Brooklyn Americans, Edmonton Eskimos, Montreal Maroons

Row Four
Quebec Bulldogs, Montreal Canadiens, Regina Capitals, Ottawa Senators, Saskatoon Crescents, Calgary Tigers, Montreal Maroons, New York Americans

Row Five
Toronto Wellingtons, Dawson City Nuggets, Sydney Millionaires, Toronto Tecumsehs, Toronto Arenas, Toronto Arenas, Toronto St. Pats, Toronto St. Pats

Row Six
Toronto St. Pats, Toronto St. Pats, Toronto St. Pats, Toronto Maple Leafs, Toronto Maple Leafs, Toronto Maple Leafs, Pittsburgh Pirates, Boston Bruins

Row Seven
Kenora Thistles, Halifax Crescents, Portland Rosebuds, Victoria Cougars, Detroit Cougars, Detroit Falcons, Chicago Black Hawks, Chicago Black Hawks

Row Eight
Philadelphia Quakers, New York Americans, New York Americans, Chicago Black Hawks, Montreal Canadiens, New York Rangers, Detroit Red Wings, St. Louis Eagle's

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