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Edmonton Thistles / Edmonton Hockey Club
Champions of Western Canada 1908-09

L -R: Back: William Field (point), Oscar Hetu (spare), E. E. Chauvin (sec. tres.), D. Cameron (donor of trophy), William Francis Crowley (trainer), Hugh Ross (cover point), Front: Jack "Hay" Miller (right wing), Harold Deaton (centre), Frederick John "Fred" Whitcroft (rover), Bert Boulton (left wing), William Charles "Billy" Nicholson (goalie),

The Edmonton Hockey Club / Edmonton Thistles played at The Thistle Rink and the South Side Covered Rink in Edmonton.

Founded as the Edmonton Hockey Club in 1905, the club helped found the Alberta Amateur Hockey Association in 1907.

In 1907 senior amateur Hockey was organized into two tiers; the "A" level saw associations from Edmonton, Strathcona and Battleford, Saskatchewan. This "A" level was only technically amateur. A second "B" level was formed that was "pure amateur."

In 1909 and 1910, the Edmonton Hockey Club would challenge for the Stanley Cup. Although the club was technically amateur, the club hired Tommy Phillips, Didier Pitre and Lester Patrick for the challenge, and only one player who had played from the regular season played in the challenge against the Montreal Wanderers. They lost the two-game series to the Montreal Wanderers.

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