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USA Field Hockey Women's National Team
Pan Am Games Field Hockey Champions 2015
Federación Americana de Hockey Champions 2015

Team Roster
Stefanie Fee, Melissa Gonzalez, Kelsey Kolojejchick, Rachel Dawson, Michelle Vittese, Jill Witmer, Julia Reinprecht, Emily Wold, Katie Reinprecht, Katie O'Donnell, Michelle Kasold, Paige Selenski, Katelyn Falgowski, Lauren Crandall, Alyssa Manley, Jackie Briggs

Head Coach - Craig Parnham
Assistant Coach - Janneke Schopman
Manager - Steve Jennings

The match for the gold medal was disputed between Argentina and the United States. Both teams had yet to score. Argentina started the match with attacking getting two short corners in the third minute of the match. The shots were blocked by the US defense led by goalie Jackie Briggs. For the next five minutes, the teams battled for possession. 9 minutes, Alyssa Manley United States launched a shot but it was very high. A minute after pressure from US attack, led to the first penalty corner of the match, which resulted in a new short corner. The strong shot Lauren Crandall US was widespread remaining scoreless marker. Both teams continued to battle for possession. 14 minutes Reinprecht Katie looked good opportunities to shoot, but the Argentina defense continually regained possession. The two teams played a close game, and the score remained in Argentina 0- 0 United States, to end the first quarter.

The second quarter began with cheers for both Argentina and the United States. 19 minutes, Delfina Merino tried to score but Crandall made an incredible maneuver avoiding Merino shoot. Argentina continued pressure attack. Merino fired again but the defense of the United States refused, and Julia Reinprecht got the ball. United States then reached his circle of attack but could not shoot. Argentina won a penalty corner in the 25th minute, but the shot was saved by Briggs. At this point the crowd loudly encouraged by the United States. Both teams alternated running swiftly possession in midfield. In the final minutes of the second quarter, the United States worked hard in attack, but Argentina could fire prevented. 30 minutes, Murphy tried to score again from the left, but Stephanie Fee US recovered the ball, keeping the game scoreless.

The third quarter began with the US attacking and getting a penalty corner in the 34th minute shot was blocked by the Argentina defense. United States got another penalty corner and ran splendidly. When Succi dived to head, Katie Reinprecht pushed the ball into the open net, giving United the lead by one goal and the first goal against Argentina. At that time, the tribune of Argentina began to encourage miserably. Argentina immediately got a penalty corner in the 35th minute and the defense of the United States blocked the shot. The party began to have a stronger power even, with both teams with physical aggression, screaming and sending many players behind the ball. 40 minutes into the United States got another penalty corner and Michelle Vittese sent a strong shot angle. US grandstand erupted into screams when the score was encouraging Argentina 0- United States 2. Again Argentina went on the attack and earned a penalty corner 43 minutes Briggs stopped shooting and both teams fought for possession. The score at the end of the third quarter remained Argentina 0- United States 2.

The fourth quarter is sensed it would be an intense battle for possession. United States won the first short corner in the fourth quarter after 50 minutes, but the shot was blocked by multiple defenders Argentina. After the last penalty corner, United States dominated possession and managed to keep the Argentina not only possession for a few moments, can not generate moves. 57 minutes, the audience erupted again in cheers for America, but Argentina showed more energy and got a penalty corner. The US defense blocked the shot, but Argentina won two more short corners. Briggs stopped these two short corners, but Argentina's got another short corner. As a result, in the 58th minute penalty corner goal Florence Habif scored after Argentina 1- United States 2. United States held Argentina attacks as rest of the game

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