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Victoria Hockey Club - 1896 - 1897 Season
Winnipeg Victorias
Winnipeg Vics

Manitoba and Northwest Hockey Association Champions
- Manitoba Hockey Association, 1892 Championship Cup
- Champions of Manitoba and Northwest Territories

SENIOR TEAM - Buffalo Emblem
Dan Bain, Jack Armytage, Colin "Tote" Campbell, Tom "Attie" Howard, George "Whitey" Merritt, "Bobby" Benson, Charles Johnston (Charlie W. Johnstone)

Lou Howe, Harry Bruce, Selkirk MacDonald, J. White, Algernon Andrew Strang, William Edwin "Ted" Robinson, C. Boswell

Club President - Edward B. Nixon
Vice President - Able Code
Secretary - Mr Logan

Sourced from Credited to Steele & Co. - Winnipeg.


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