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Minnesota Whitecaps 2019 Isobel Cup Cham...
by PRESIDENT on March 18th, 2019
Minnesota Whitecaps Isobel Cup Champions 2019 Team Roster Kendall Coyne Schofield, Lee Stecklein, Julie Friend, Jonna Curtis, Chelsey Brodt Rosenthal, Winny Brodt B...
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Suomi jääkiekko / Finland 2019 World Jun...
by PRESIDENT on January 5th, 2019
Suomi jääkiekko / Finland 2019 World Junior Ice Hockey Champions Team Roster   Ukko-Pekka Luukkonen, Filip Lindberg, Oskari Laaksonen, Toni Utunen, Urho Vaakana...
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Kalevan Pallo / KalPa 2018 Spengler Cup ...
by PRESIDENT on January 1st, 2019
Kalevan Pallo / KalPa Koupio 2018 Spengler Cup Champions Team Roster  Denis Godla, Daniel Manzato, Mikael Seppälä, Joona Riekkinen, Ari Gröndahl, Cade Fairchild, Otto Les...
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Belgium Red Lions 2018 Men's Hockey Worl...
by PRESIDENT on December 16th, 2018
Belgium Red Lions 2018 Men's Hockey World Cup Champions Team Roster  Thomas Briels (captain), Loic van Doren, Arthur Van Doren, John-John Dohmen, Florent van Aubel, Sébas...
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Netherlands Women Hockey Team 2018 FIH H...
by PRESIDENT on August 5th, 2018
Netherlands Women's National Field Hockey Team Koninklijke Nederlandse Hockey Bond 2018 FIH Hockey World Cup Champions Team Roster Anne Veenendaal, Sanne Koolen,...
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Toronto Marlies 2018 Calder Cup Champions
by PRESIDENT on June 15th, 2018
Toronto Marlies 2018 Calder Cup Champions Team Roster Ben Smith, Andreas Johnsson, Colin Greening, Vincent LoVerde, Trevor Moore, Carl Grundström, Kyle Baun, Adam Broo...
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Washington Capitals 2018 Stanley Cup Cha...
by PRESIDENT on June 7th, 2018
Washington Capitals Stanley Cup Champions 2018 Team Roster Alexander Ovechkin, Nicklas Bäckström, Jay Beagle, Travis Boyd, Andre Burakovsky, Alex Chiasson, Brett Connol...
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Markham Thunder 2018 Clarkson Cup Champions
by PRESIDENT on March 26th, 2018
Markham Thunder 2018 Clarkson Cup Champions Team Roster Laura Stacey, Becca King, Kristen Richards, Laura McIntosh, Fielding Montgomery, Nicole Brown, Devon Skeats,...

New rules for the International Super Series include:
• Each match consists of two 15 minute halves (instead of 2×35 minute halves) with only 5 minutes break for halftime
• All teams have a maximum of 9 players on the field (instead of 11 players)
• One player from each team must remain in the forward half at all times
• Each team can use up to 18 players (instead of 16)
• The penalty situations have been simplified to make it more broadcast friendly and easier to understand for new viewers:
– Penalty corner three attackers vs two defenders + goalkeeper
– Penalty strokes have been replaced with 1-on-1 “Face-offs” between a player and the goalkeeper with the player starting at the 23 metre line and having a 1-on-1 challenge against the waiting goalkeeper
• A penalty corner has a 25 second countdown clock – if the team does not execute their corner in this time they will loss possession
• The 1 on 1 faceoff has an 8 second countdown clock – if the player does not execute a shot in this time they will loss possession
• More tolerance of foot & stick contact to reduce unnecessary stoppages in play. If the ball hits the foot outside the circle and it doesn’t influence play – ie non intentional use of foot it will be called play on. Normal foot rules apply as normal in the circle
• A bully will be used after each goal to give both teams an opportunity to gain possession
• If the ball crosses the goal-line off either a defender or attackers stick from anywhere in the field of play it is a long corner. (If the ball comes off an attackers stick inside the circle a normal goal will be awarded). The goalkeeper therefore must keep the ball in play at all times if the ball is going to cross the goal-line.

CLICK HERE to read all the rules for the tournament.

Kookaburras cap off Hockey 9s with thrilling win over Black Sticks

Kookaburras 5 def New Zealand 3

Goal scorers: AUS Glenn Simpson FG 3m, AUS Russell Ford FG 7m, NZL Blair Hilton FG 8m FG 14m, AUS Jamie Dwyer FG 14m, NZL Stephen Jenness FG 16m, AUS Liam DeYoung PC 25m, PC AUS Glenn Turner FG 29m

The Kookaburras have capped off a fantastic end to the Lanco International Super Series Hockey 9s tournament, defeating rivals New Zealand 5-3 in the grand final today in Perth.

With the Hockeyroos winning the women’s grand final earlier in the day, the results could have not gone any better for Australia, with both teams proving to be the superior teams throughout the tournament.

As they have done all tournament, the Kookaburras excelled under the new rules introduced at the tournament including only having 9 players per side, bigger goals and more relaxed rules on foot and stick violations.

With the rules in place, the stage was set for a fast and exciting game, and the two teams didn’t disappoint.

New Zealand came out in full attack mode, not taking a defensive role in this final, which suited Australia who wanted a good content to finish year's Series. After an action packed first half the Kookaburras took an early lead, including yet another remarkable goal by 4 time world player of the year Jamie Dwyer. However New Zealand struck back on every occasion, staying close to the Kookaburras who knew they had a battle on their hands to win the first ever LISS championship. 

New Zealand gained the upper hand early in the second half and when they scored to draw level, they had all the momentum.

However the Kookaburras had one more phase of attack left in them, scoring two goals in the dying minutes including a sealer to Glenn Turner to claim the win.

Eddie Ockenden, captain in the final, looks forward to more amtches like this in the future.  "We played some great hockey and it was very competitve amongst all teams.

"We like fast, attacking hockey and hope that we continue to play more hockey like this as we get ready for London in 2012," Ockenden said.

Simon Orchard, named male Player of the Series, was keen to see the tournament return in the future. "We really enjoyed this week's competition, it was tough but we like the fast pace."

Kookaburras coach Ric Charlesworth he is pleased the rules introduced allowed for a more open and attacking style of play, dubbing the tournament a success.“I think it has been a success and enjoyable to play. The players have enjoyed it. The goalkeepers have been brought more into the play which is a good thing. If you look at the stats, we are generating the same amount of chances in this form of the game than what we would usually get in a full 70 minutes in a regular game so there is a lot of action,” said Charlesworth.

Hockeyroos win Lanco International Super Series Hockey 9s

Hockeyroos 4 India 1

IND Soundarya Yendala FG 9m, AUS Hope Munro PC 10m, Kellie White FG 14m, Marnie Hudson FG 20m, Ashleigh NelsonFG 21m

The Hockeyroos have finished off in the best possible fashion at the Lanco International Super Series Hockey 9s, treating fans to a wonderful game and defeating India 4-1 in today’s final in Perth.

After taking a few games to adjust to the new rules introduced at the tournament including having only 9 players per side, bigger goals and more relaxed rules on stick and foot violations, the Hockeyroos put it all together today, using their fitness and superior skill to dominate India.

The Hockeyroos didn’t have it all their own way early, conceding the first goal of the match.

However the Hockeyroos continued to dominate possession, with exciting teenager Kellie White getting her team on the board with an exceptionalreverse stick shot of Australia’s long corner to make it 1-1.

India fought gallantly against the home team and proved themselves as a worth contender for the gold medal. However the second half belonged to the Hockeyroos, scoring three unanswered goals as the game opened up. 

Hockeyroos coach Adam Commens said he believed the new tournament was a success, with the new rules creating more exciting play as his team adjusting to the rules as the tournament continued.

“They were learning how to play this form of the game and certainly our last performance was our best one which is what we like to see, the progression through the tournament and I’m really happy to get a result in the grand final and at 4-1 it was a good performance.

I think it’s an exciting form of the game and we need to embrace it. I think that in the future we will see it become very popular with the crowds and that’s what we need to promote our sport,” said Commens.



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