Hockey Gods


almost 6 years ago
1894, Redeau Hall Rebels, The Vice Regal and Parliamentary Hockey Club, 1894 Hockey, Ottawa Rebels, 1894 IsHockey, 1894 Ice Hockey, 1894 Hokej, 189...
about 9 years ago
1st, Victoria Skating Rink, James Creighton, Redeau Hall Rebels, McGill University Hockey Club, First, James Creighton James George Aylwin Creighto...
about 10 years ago
James Creighton, Edward Stanley, Arthur Stanley, Captain Wingfield, Captain H R Hawkes, Juchereau de St Denis Lemoine, Lawrence Geoffrey Power, Joh...
over 10 years ago
Redeau Hall Rebels, Ice Hockey, 1894, Ottawa
over 10 years ago
Captain Wingfield, Arthur Stanley, Edward Stanley, James Creighton - James George Aylwin Creighton, Captain H R Hawkes, Captain Aubrey Hope McMahon...
almost 11 years ago
Photo, 1800s, Lord Stanley, Redeau Hall Rebels, James Creighton, Edward Stanley, Coldstream Guards