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Uploaded By: PRESIDENT on November 16th, 2012

Eagle Toys Table Top Hockey Game - 1965 - A extremely well preserved NHL endorsed 1965 Eagle Toys Stanley Cup table Hockey game complete with the classic yellow stick players Montreal Canadiens vs Toronto Maple Leafs. For the Collector this must have game! Straight colorful tin frame with brilliantly colored lito graphics are NHL Original 6 teams Chicago Blackhawks - Montreal Canadiens - Boston Bruins - Toronto Maple Leafs - New York Rangers - Detroit Red Wings that adorn the sides of this beautiful old school hockey game! Notice the end plastic pieces: Very rare in this no cracks condition as well as the exquisite clipped on side crowd scene with all original clips which is Impossable to find anywhere. This S slot classic originally came out in 1963 as a half circle pegged big lipped chassis game but this game is the S slot game to collect with the incredible timeless H chassis adorned by the logo's of the NHL's original six teams. The classic white feet stands raise the game to a perfect level for table hockey action. Fantastic overhead with plastic NHL script in perfect condition with puck dropper ram., clean straight white crystalline painted surface, goal lights, clean pure white nets and mininum wear to the game. Original hollow diamond puck, original box and all original knobs

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