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Bacharach-Rasin was originally started by David Nathan Bacharach and Max Rasin. Bacharach would soon buy out Max, but kept the name Bacharach-Rasin, as it was already a established name at that point.

Bacharach-Rasin moved into a store front on 14 N. Howard Street in Baltimore about 1914. Selling a variety of products. Hunting, fishing, camping, football, baseball etc.

In the early 1920s David Bacharach went on a hunting trip to Canada. It was on this trip when he came in contact with the Iroquois people on Cornwall Island, known as “The Five Nations” playing Lacrosse. Bacharach signed a contract with the Five Nations Tribe to be the sole distributor of their hand-made lacrosse sticks in the United States. David saw a business opportunity to grow a sport no one had begun to grow.

Bacharach started pitching the game to USA high schools telling them that they could use their football fields being unused in the spring and football equipment to outfit the players to start. Then all they needed was sticks and he had the sticks.

This went on and the game grew. Bacharach then started producing lacrosse gloves, just as they did everything else. Bacharach Rasin Sporting Goods had grown to where they produced all of their own gear. Lacrosse, football, baseball, hunting, fishing, camping, you name it, they made it.


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