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The Colorado Avalanche were playing Detroit Red Wings at Joe Louis Arena on April 1, 1998, when fights broke out in the game at 12:49 of the 3rd period with Detroit winning 2-0 at that point.

Patrick Roy would challenge Chris Osgood, and the two of them would square off at center ice. Many good punches thrown by both goalies, and eventually Osgood would push Roy towards the Detroit bench, where he landed on top of him, as seen in this photo.

This is such a great photo with 5 Hockey Hall of Fame inductees (Yzerman, Shanahan, Bowman, Fedorov, Roy) and 1 Swedish Hockey Hall of Fame inductee (Holmström), while referee Gregson is inductee of the Guelph Sports Hall of Fame.

We believe 3 time Stanley Cup champion Chris Osgood will get the call to be inducted one day into the Hockey Hall of Fame, after all, he also scored a NHL goal once in 1996 vs Hartford.

On the bench captain Steve Yzerman looks on, Brendan Shanahan is having a chuckle watching and holding the coach back, trainer John Wharton holds the coach back, Scotty Bowman is giving the referee a some pretty talk, Tomas Holmström is holding the coach back, and Sergei Fedorov looks on while holding Holmström.

Roy, who is on the bottom seems to be laughing, while Osgood pins him down and referee Terry Gregson multitasks.

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