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Canadian National Junior Team
World Junior Ice Hockey Champions 1982

Team Roster
Front Row L to R - Frank Caprice, Mark Morrison, Dave King (coach), Troy Murray, Bob Strumm (general manager), Pierre Rioux, Mike Moffat.

Middle Row - Craig Gattinger (trainer), Paul Boutilier, Mike Moller, Scott Arniel, Gary Nylund, Gord Kluzak, Randy Moller, James Patrick, Bill Stefaniuk (equipment manager), Sherry Bassin (assistant coach).

Back Row - Paul Cyr, Garth Butcher, Todd Strueby, Dave Morrison, Carey Wilson, Marc Habscheid, Bruce Eakin, Moe Lemay.

IIHF Directorate Awards
Goaltender - Mike Moffat
Defencemen - Gord Kluzak

Media All-Star Team
Goaltender - Mike Moffat
Defencemen - Gord Kluzak
Forward - Mike Moller.

December 22, 1981 - Finland 1-5 Canada
December 23, 1981 - Canada 3-2 Sweden
December 26, 1981 - Soviet Union 0-7 Canada
December 27, 1981 - USA 4-5 Canada
December 29, 1981 - Canada 11-3 West Germany
January 1, 1982 - Canada 11-1 Switzerland
January 2, 1982 - Canada 3-3 Czechoslovakia

O Canada was never played that day they won their 1st World Junior Championship for Canada.

Instead, after the gold medals were handed out, the Canadian players sang O Canada a cappella, and ever since, singing out loud has become a tradition when the Canadian junior team wins gold.

"It wasn't planned, but finally a few guys at the end of the line said, 'Sing it ourselves, boys,'" Mike Moller said. "So we stood there shoulder to shoulder and belted out what was probably the worst rendition of our national anthem."


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