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One of the most colourful sticks produced by CCM was for American daredevil Evel Knievel.

An avid Hockey player, who once tried out for the Charlotte Clippers of the Eastern Hockey League, Knievel was hired by Toronto Toros' owner John Bassett to take four penalty shots on team goaltender Les Binkley between periods of a WHA game on March 25, 1975 vs the Vancouver Blazers at Maple Leaf Gardens. It was promoted as the Super CHUM Shoot Out.

To accomplish the task Knievel was given a CCM stick decked out in his signature red, white and blue colours.

With Frank Gifford at center ice to cover the event for ABC’s Wide World of Sports, Knievel used the stick to score twice, earning himself $10,000. Meanwhile Binkley used the $2,000 given him for his two saves to take his teammates out for dinner and drinks after the game.

Evel Knievel learned to play Hockey in his hometown of Butte, Montana, playing for the Butte Copperleafs and the Butte Bombers.
He was known as Bob Knievel when he played.

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