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Montreal Maroons
Stanley Cup Champions 1926
O'Brien Trophy Champions 1926
Prince of Wales Trophy Champions 1926

Team Roster
Charles Adrian "Dinny" Dinsmore, Merlyn "Bill" Phillips, Nels Stewart, Harry Punch Broadbent, Reginald Francis "Frank" Carson, Samuel "Sam" Rothschild, Duncan Brown "Dunc" Munro, Albert Robert "Toots" Holway, Edward Reginald "Reg" Noble, Charles Albert "Babe" Siebert, Clinton Stevenson "Praying Benny" Benedict

Coach - Edward George "Eddie" Gerard
Trainer - Bill O'Brien
President - James F. Strachan
Vice President - Gordon Cushing
Vice President - Thomas Arnold
Secretary-Treasurer - Arthur Cayford
Director - Joseph Donat Raymond

The Montreal Maroons finished the NHL regular season in second place. Montreal went on to beat the third seed Pittsburgh Pirates and then defeated the first place Ottawa Senators 2 goals to 1 in a two game total goals series, thus capturing the Prince of Wales Trophy and the right to play the defending Stanley Cup champion Victoria Cougars for the Cup.

All of the games in the 1926 Cup Final were played at the Montreal Forum, which opened on March 30, 1926. Aided by three future Hockey Hall of Famers, the Maroons ended up dominating the series. Goaltender Clint Benedict, who previously helped Ottawa in three Cup championships, recorded three shutouts. Rookie Nels Stewart scored 6 of Montreal's 10 overall goals in the 4 games. Punch Broadbent also recorded a goal for the Maroons. The Cougars' lone win came in game three, 3–2.

Nels Stewart scored both goals in the fourth game to win the series. Stewart had given his stick to a fan after the playoff series against Ottawa. He asked for and retrieved the stick back from the fan prior to the fourth game. He then gave back the stick to the fan after game four.

NOTE: This was the 1st Stanley Cup won at Le Forum de Montréal / Montreal Forum, which opened on November 29, 1924.

Samuel Rothschild was the first Jewish player in the NHL, and the first to win a Stanley Cup.


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