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A. Atchinson / Archie Atkinson Hockey Card 1912
Imperial Tobacco C57 No.4

NOTE - This is a unique card, as the spelling of the players name and team are wrong. The image used for this card is from the 1908 Ottawa Seconds (New Edinburgh) team.

The 1912-13 C57 Hockey fronts feature a black and white player photo surrounded by a white border. The player's name and team appear in the border area below his picture. Backs are similar to C56 cards, having a "Hockey Series" design with two crossed sticks and a puck. The card number appears below that, and then the player's name and team. A short biography follows.

Like all the C-series Hockey sets of the era, 1912-13 C57 Hockey has no advertising on the card itself. It's obvious that they were made by the makers of the C56 set due to the similarly-designed backs, so it's generally assumed that Imperial Tobacco produced them for their cigarettes. There are 50 cards in the set, which is considered the toughest of the three main C-series sets to complete.


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