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Sketch collage of four player of the Ottawa Aberdeens intermediate team of the Canadian Amateur Hockey League intermediate series, 1898–99 season.

Clockwise from upper left: Hugh Shaw, goaltender; Patrick Jerome Baskerville (1876–1926), defense; Francis Clarence "Frank" McGee (1882–1916), forward; David Gordon "Dave" Gilmour (1881-1932), forward.

Other members of the 1898–99 Ottawa Aberdeens intermediate team, not pictured, included Martin McGuire, Ned O'Connor, Ernie Butterworth, "Bunty" Stroud, Charlie Clarke and Charlie Young.

Both Frank McGee and Dave Gilmour went on to win the Stanley Cup with the Ottawa Hockey Club. McGee was one of the prominent goal scorers of his time but retired at an early age (in 1906, aged 23) and later died in World War I (in 1916, aged 33). Dave Gilmour had three younger brothers also active within the Ottawa hockey circuit: Suddie, Billy and Ward Gilmour. Two of them, Suddie and Billy, also won the Stanley Cup with the Ottawa Hockey Club. Patrick Baskerville later had an executive position with the Ottawa Hockey Club.

Sourced from Ottawa Citizen, Mar. 14, 1899, pg. 6. Credited to Unknown.


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