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Photograph of an American intercollegiate ice polo team in Ottawa, Canada on January 1, 1895.

The team consisted of players from different American schools. Alexander Meiklejohn, William A. Jones and George Arnold Matteson came from Brown University, Malcolm Greene Chace and Arthur Ellsworth Foote from Yale University, Thomas Henry Clarkson from Harvard University, and William Augustus Larned from Columbia University.

In Canada this group of intercollegiate ice polo players got influenced by the Canadian ice hockey game and brought it back with them to the United States.

Charles M. Pope from the Associated Press also accompanied the team, and he would later manage the St. Nicholas Skating Rink on Manhattan in New York City, and play with the St. Nicholas Hockey Club in the American Amateur Hockey League, a team that also included Malcolm Chace and Billy Larned. Chace and Larned were also prominent tennis players.

Malcolm Chace and Arthur Foote later played ice hockey at Yale University. Alexander Meiklejohn played a game of ice hockey with Cornell University in 1896, and George Matteson played with the Harvard University team in 1897–98.

Sourced from Brown Alumni Monthly, April 1951, p. 12. Credited to Unknown.


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