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Czechoslovakia National Ice Hockey Team
World Ice Hockey Champions 1949
European Ice Hockey Champions 1949

Team Roster
Josef Jirka, František Mizera, Vladimír Zábrodský, Bohumil Modrý, Vladimír Kobranov, Oldřich Němec, Josef Trousílek, Miloslav Charouzd, Jiří Macelis, Vladimír Bouzek, Václav Roziňák, Stanislav Konopásek, František Vacovský, Gustav Bubník, Čeněk Picka, Přemysl Hajný

Head Coach - Antonin Vodichka
Manager - Josef Matějka
President Ice Hockey Czechoslovakia - Josef Loos

Йозеф Ирка, Франтишек Мизера, Владимир Забродский, Богумил Модры, Владимир Кобранов, Йозеф Троусилек, Милослав Хароузд, Иржи Мацелис, Владимир Боузек, Вацлав Розиняк, Станислав Конопасек, Франтишек Васовский, Густав Бубник, Ченек Пиха, Премысл Гайны

главный тренер - Антонин Водичка
руководитель делегации - Йозеф Матейка
председатель чехословацкого хоккейного союза - Йозеф Лос

The 16th Ice Hockey World Championships and 27th European Hockey Championships was held from February 12 to 20, 1949, in Stockholm, Sweden. In the initial round, the ten teams participating were divided into three groups: two groups of three and one of four. In the second round, the top two teams in each group advanced to the medal round (for positions 1 through 6) with the remaining four teams advancing to the consolation round for places 7 through 10.

Czechoslovakia overcame tragedy to win their second world championship and ninth European Championship. In November 1948 six Czechoslovak players (Ladislav Troják, Karel Stibor, Zdeněk Jarkovský, Vilibald Šťovík, Miloslav Pokorný and defenseman Zdeněk Švarc) were lost when their plane went missing crossing the English Channel. Despite the key losses to their roster, they defeated the Sudbury Wolves, Canada's representative, three to two. It was only the third defeat for the Canadians at a World Championship. The Americans were able to top the Czechs in the final round, which earned them a bronze medal, and kept the host Swedes off the podium

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