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Montreal Shamrocks
Shamrock Amateur Athletic Association of Montreal
Stanley Cup Champions 1899 "March"

Team Roster
Arthur Farrell, Frank Wall, John Patrick "Jack" Brannen, Henry Judah "Harry" Trihey, Frank Tansey, Frederick"Fred" Scanlan, Charles Hoerner, Jim McKenna, Jack Dobby

Coach - Barney Dunphy
Trainer - C. Foley

The 1899 CAHL season was the inaugural season of the Canadian Amateur Hockey League. Teams played an eight game schedule. The Montreal Shamrocks were the league champion with a record of seven wins and one loss. Both the Shamrocks and the Montreal Victorias won Stanley Cup challenges to retain the Stanley Cup for the league.

The Shamrocks won the Stanley Cup on March 1,1899 by defeating the Montreal Victorias 1-0 before 8,000 people in the new Montreal arena at the corner of Wood and Ste-Catherine streets. On March 14 they defended the cup 6-2 in a challenge from Queen’s University..

When the Montreal Shamrocks defended the Stanley Cup against Queens University, the game was played one half under Ontario rules and one half under those of Quebec. This came under a provinsion for all Cup challenges - in case where both teams could not come to terms on which regulations to play under, both would be used. The Montreal Sharocks defeated Queens University 6-2, in their only challenge of the winter. Harry Trihey scored the game winner.

In 1899 goal nets were used for the first time and later that year the rules of Hockey were modified by Farrell and Trihey. Players could no longer lift the puck and there was greater emphasis on stick-handling.

The Shamrocks won the Cup again in 1900 when they defeated the Winnipeg Victorias on February 16, and successfully defended the title against Halifax on March 7, 1900.

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