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Many players at the start of organized Field Hockey had custom made and/or fitted grips for the handle and/or shaft of the Field Hockey stick.
Sticks featured here are by number 1 to 7
1 - A Union Stick
2 - A Fletcher with tennis-bat fillet to handle
3 - A Gamage with button top, and a leather sheath to foot added.
4 - A bat-handled Slazenger covered with wash-leather and re-bound
5 - An International with manufacturer's wash-leathered bat-handle
6 - A 22oz forward stick with Crawford handle made by Wisden - the Exceller
7 - An International re-headed by Gamage. A tennis-bat fillet, wash-leather and over-binding added

Many players like what is known as "the cricket-bat handle"
This consists of pieces of cane tightly fitted together and spliced into the "head" (which is really the foot), and the top end slightly swelled out to prevent the hand slipping off, as is sometimes the case with a handle which merely tapers. It is found that a little strip of leather, like a tennis racket top, tacked on flush at the top of the handle practically answers all requirements.
Some Makers pin their faith to patent handles with rubber and composition in them, as tending to drive more and sting less.
Others have wonderful coverings on the handle of felt, cork, and even corduroy.

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