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Simcoe Hockey Club 1906 - 07 season
Junior Team
Ontario Hockey Association / O.H.A.

Team Roster
K. Baillie (Capt. - Forward), R. Fraser (Forward), G. Jardine (Forward), A. Hutchins (Cover Point), A.B. Meredith (Point).
front row: P. Davidson (Forward) J.S. Beatty (Goal) G. Murray (Forward)

Manager - Ed. Marriott
President - W.M. Croft
Vice President - W.D. McPherson
Secretary Treasurer - T.E. Bilton

The Simcoe Hockey Club was the home club of John Ross Robertson, who was known to have his own shinny team as a young man, which was called the Simcoes.

The family home of John Ross Robertson was located on Simcoe Street, John Ross Robertson was also known to admirer the work of John Graves Simcoe, the first Lieutenant Governor of Upper Canada - Lieutenant Governor Simcoe ended slavery in Canada, and introduced many other Legislative Acts in Canada.

It is not known as a fact, but many historians believe the Simcoe Hockey Club was named after Lieutenant Governor John Graves Simcoe.

Sourced from pogoria - Credited to Rosevear, Toronto.


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