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Rather than designed to be played on a table, this game is a "floor game". Designed by World Wide Games, Delaware, Ohio, the game was donated to the Museum in 1971 -

The "box" is made of a hardwood and folds in half for storage purposes. When closed, it is approximately 76.2cm long x 45.7cm wide. When opened for playing, it is about 152.4 cm in length. Metal latches on the sides enable the two sides to be held together during storage. Two leather straps on one of the sides function as handles for carrying the "box". The four "hockey sticks" (as shown in the photograph) are straight pieces of stained wood, with one end wrapped in a cloth covering as a handle. The "puck" is a circular piece of hardwood -

In 1965, World Wide Games furnished the following information about the game. (Note: We have added the graphic with the arrows for explanatory purposes.) -

"This game has been popular in a large model in camps and on playgrounds for years, using real hockey sticks. However, we found this portable model even better and it is a most exciting game -

Instructions for playing: 2 or 4 persons may play, and 4 have more fun. Two players stand on the side with the leather handles and two stand on the opposite side. Each player has one stick and the object is to knock the puck through the goal to the left -

The puck is put into play in the little notch in the top of the middle partition. The players at the right on each side "shinny off" by tapping their sticks on the floor of the box to the right of the center partition and then top sticks together above the puck 3 times. After the third time the sticks touch, the puck may be struck. A point is scored when the puck is knocked through the goal hole -

When small children play, let the 4 players all play in either comportment and they may use two hands to hold the sticks - When teenagers and adults play, the sticks should be held with one hand only. Also only two players opposite each other play in one comportment. One of these is trying to get the puck into the goal for a score and the other is trying to pass it through the partition to his partner. Players are not permitted to just stand and block holes with sticks. When puck is passed through a compartment the other two opponents battle over the puck ... one trying to get it through the goal to his left and the other trying to pass it back through the comportment to his partner. Each goal scores 1 point -

If puck jumps out of box, place it in the notch and start over again. Each time a goal is made partners may change places to give each one a chance to "shinny off" -

If game seems to be making too much noise for a game room, let each player take a turn at hitting the puck. Opponents may block after the puck is hit or no blocking. You may want to wrap end of sticks with plastic tape to protect hands."

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almost 3 years ago

Interested in buying a suitcase style, wooden, box hockey game - as I grew up playing this in Lowell, Massachusetts - would love to get my son the game. Any help linking me with someone who has one and wants to sell? Thanks, Jerry


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