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The Quebec Bulldogs won the NHA league championship to retain the Stanley Cup.
The only challenge for the Stanley Cup was from the Sydney Millionaires on March 8, 1913, in which the Bulldogs won 14 to 3 - Joe Malone scored 9 goals in the game. A second game was played on March 10, 1913, with the Bulldogs winning again 6 to 2.

The 1912-13 season saw the NHA teams playing again with six skaters, abandoning the position of rover. It was agreed that from February onwards, the teams would play with seven. However, after several games at the start of February played with the rover, the decision was made to abandon the rover position permanently.

The Stanley Cup trustees decided prior to this season that all future Stanley Cup challenges would take place after the end of the regular season.

The Team Mascot, The Bulldog, was owned by Joe Malone

Sourced from Credited to M A Montminy - Quebec.


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