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Ottawa Hockey Club, who officially joined the Federal Amateur Hockey League - FAHL - prior to the end of the last season, played its first full season in the league. Ottawa had negotiated with the CAHL to return, along with the Montreal Wanderers joining, but this was turned down. The newly transferred Ottawa Hockey Club would win the league championship with a record of seven wins and one loss. In January 1905, the Dawson City Nuggets challenged for the Stanley Cup, and travelled 4,000 miles (6,400 km) from the Yukon to Ottawa for a best-of-three Cup challenge series. The Nuggets actually left Dawson City on December 19, 1904 and travelled on a month-long journey by dog sled. bicycles, walking (Dawson to Whitehorse), train (Whitehorse to Skagway), steam ship (Skagway to Vancouver), and train (Vancouver to Ottawa). The Nuggets arrived 2 days before the first scheduled game on March 13, 1905. Ottawa defeated The Nuggets in Game 1, 9 to 2. Numerous Stanley Cup records were then set in Game 2 on March 16, 1905, including Frank McGee's 14 goals, which included eight consecutive goals scored in less than nine minutes, and a 23 to 2 rout for the Ottawa Hockey Club, the largest margin of victory for any challenge game or Stanley Cup Final game to date. Both games played at Dey's Arena in Ottawa. In March 1905, the Rat Portage Thistles issued another challenge to the Ottawa Hockey Club. Frank McGee did not play in the first game on March 7, 1905, and the Thistles defeated Ottawa, 9 to 3. Frank McGee did return to lead the Ottawa Senators to victories on March 9, 1905 with a score of 4 to 2, and on March 11, 1905 scoring the winning goal, with a score of 5 to 4. All 3 games played at Dey's Arena in Ottawa. Two weeks after the Rat Portage series, the Ottawa Hockey Club gave a banquet for the team at the Russell Hotel in Ottawa. Several players got quite drunk, and brought the Stanley Cup outside, where Harvey Pulford drop-kicked the Stanley Cup onto the frozen Rideau Canal. The Stanley Cup spent the night on the frozen Rideau Canal until it was retrieved the next day. NOTE: Weldy Young, a former member of the Ottawa team in the 1890s, and the captain of the Dawson City Nuggets team, engraved his name on the Cup with a pen knife under the Crest of Lord Stanley. He had missed playing for Dawson City as he was working in the federal election, although he did arrive in Ottawa during the series. The Ottawa Hockey Club would join the Eastern Canada Amateur Hockey Association - ECAHA - in 1906 and defend the Stanley Cup in February & March, 1906 - The Ottawa Hockey Club defeated Queen's University on February 27, 1906, with a score of 16 to 7, and again on February 28, 1906, with a score of 12 to 7. The Ottawa Hockey Club defeated Smiths Falls, the FAHL champions on March 6, 1906 with a score of 6 to 5, and again on March 8, 1906 with a score of 8 to 2. All games played at Dey's Arena in Ottawa.

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