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Uploaded By: PRESIDENT on May 21st, 2011

Montreal AAA -Montreal Amatuer Athletic Association-
Montreal Hockey Club
Team Photo with Manager Harry Shaw.
Forwards include - Billy Barlow, Archie Hodgson, Alex Irving, Alex Kingan, George Lowe and Harviland Routh.
Defencemen include - Allan Cameron and James Stewart.
Goaltender - Tom Paton.

This image was originally taken in 1894 in the Montreal AAA Clubhouse featuring the Champion Team of 1893 and their Trophy Collection including the Dominion Hockey Challenge Cup ("The Stanley Cup").

PLEASE NOTE the original fitted Silver Ring and wood mount at the base of The Stanley Cup. The Silver Ring would be engraved first with Montreal AAA 1893 and the last team to engrave their name on the Silver Ring was again the Montreal Hockey Club in 1902 with Montreal 1902 Winnipeg Mar 13th 15th 17th. The Montreal Hockey Club would also be the First Team to engrave their name on the Silver Bowl itself in 1903 with Montreal 1903 Montreal Jan 29th 30th Feb 2nd 4th.

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