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The Ottawa Senators would win the Eastern Canadian Hockey Association - ECHA - league championship with a record of ten wins, two losses and take over the Stanley Cup. The rivalry between Ottawa and Montreal Wanderers continued, Wanderers winning the first on January 6, 1909, 7 to 6 in overtime, with Harry Smith scoring four against his former team. Ottawa would win the next 5 to 4 in Ottawa, and defeat Montreal in Montreal 9 to 8 before 8000 fans. Ottawa would finish the series winning 8–3 in Ottawa to clinch the championship. After the season, Ottawa took over the Cup, but a series against the Winnipeg Shamrocks could not be arranged as it was to late in the season, and no challenge was played. (The Shamrocks would fold before the next season and never played a challenge). Challenges from Renfrew Creamery Kings of the Federal Hockey League and Cobalt Silver Kings of the Timiskaming League were disallowed when the Stanley Cup trustees ruled that the players on Renfrew and Cobalt were ineligible, having joined their teams after January 2, 1909. The Ottawa Senators would also be Stanley Cup Champions in January, 1910. The Senators played at 2 game total goal series against Galt, starting on January 5, 1910 with a score of 12 to 3 for the Senators, and again on January 7, 1910 with the Senators winning again 3 to 1, and a total goals of 15 to 4. The next challenge was from the Edmonton Eskimos - Edmonton Hockey Club on January 18, 1910 with a score of 8 to 4 for the Senators, and again on January 20, 1910 with a score of 13 to 7 for the Ottawa Senators.

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