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Houghton Amphidrome

The Amphidrome was built in 1902 on the South shore of Portage Lake in Houghton, Michigan, and was the first structure ever built in the USA specifically for Hockey.

The Amphidrome Company was organized in 1901 when it acquired the location on the shore of Portage Lake from the Ruppe estate. Early the next year, the main rink building was completed. This rink was built specifically for the Portage Lake Pro Hockey Team.

It was also used by the other local amateur Hockey teams and skaters and as a indoor roller skating rink in the summer as well as numerous dances, the annual community fair, and other events from 1902-1927.

In 1906 an elaborate addition had been started at the West end of the building at a cost of $28,000 to serve as an Armory and ballroom for community events. This is the multilevel building at the front of the Amphidrome.


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