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This is a 1910-20’s D&M Hockey Stick. This exceptional vintage Hockey stick remains in NR-MT condition with a huge paper label which identifies the maker as the Draper and Maynard Sporting Goods Company from Plymouth, New Hampshire. The label also shows the lucky dog and indicates the wood to be second growth rock elm.

Another great feature of this antique Hockey stick is the painted red tip at the top of the handle, which is another indicator of it’s age.

Hockey sticks from this era are very rare and this one is simply Outstanding.

Brothers Jason C Draper and Nathaniel Draper started the business manufacturing gloves.

Nathaniel's son Jason Fletcher Draper took over the business in 1877, now called J. F. Draper and Co., together with his brother-in-law John F. Maynard, and recognized the commercial value of the Providence Gray’s shortstop, Arthur Irwin concept of a padded glove. The idea of a padded glove for professional baseball might minimize injury while enhancing performance. From this event to several visits to the factory by Boston Red Sox players over the next several decades helped solidify this factory as one of the early, leading sporting goods manufacturers in the United States.

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