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please note that the Ultra-Violet Mooses, blind hockey club in El Paso, Texas, we have been playing with a regulation puck, 1" hole bored in center, inserted 75decibel buzzer and battery, continuous sound, even when puck airborne or rolling, works entire game very well. In contact with a number of players from teams around Canada in various forums, I have yet to gain even a single acknowledgement that they have tried an electric sounding device in a regular puck.

But allow me to cast the gauntlet, fellahs, we play a truly blind hockey game here, that is, no sighted players. To be sure, our club has b1’s up through b5’s, but when we play, WE ALL PLAY BLIND!

This means that our B1’s are equal to the fully sighted guys! They actually contribute to the team’s success on BOTH defense and offense. They are not simple pylons hanging around the back circles til something runs into them.

I’ll be in contact soon, we are looking at challenging the Canadian teams to a truly blind game in the summer of 2014. Ultra-Violet Mooses, coming to a rink near you soon…or, hey, call me at 915-252-1678

We already have the commitment from the rink operator in Las Vegas to include a blind division of play at the 2014 USA nationals in October…

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Wow, on the happenstance that somebody would visit this forum…the Ultra-Violet Mooses have become/evolved into the El Paso Black Rhinos in 2016/17…heading into the 2017/18 season, we now use a stainless steel hockey puck, 3.5″×1.5″, with an automotive back-up alarm w/9-volt battery for the sounding device (112 db!). Works great, we have played over 100 hour with this puck, and both the puck casing and the alarm device are still in impervious, great shape! In fact, this puck should last for years!

Still casting about to play with an oponent, after we have been playing intra-club for 6 years now (since 2011). Hoping Chicago Blackhawks might like to play with another team, or the Dallas Stars could inaugurate a program.

Yeah, and we all play totally blind! We pebble the blue lines (we are almost NEVER offsides), and have buzzing sounding devices on the goals, as well as the alarm sounding device in the puck. Our goalies talk all the time, alerting players as to direction and orientation. This is a great game!

The pebbled blue lines are the great orientation devices: when you skate over a blue line, you know where you are! We call our positions to each other using “first base,” “second” and “third”…eliminates the misdirection confusion of “left-right,” which is relative to any one player’s position.

Hope somebody out there sees this and might like to start a new blind hockey team in the Southwest United States – Arizona, New Mexico, Nevada, California, Colorado: talking to you guys!

Anybody give me a call, we’ll be glad to come to you and show you how we have set up this program (I gotta get a web site…).

Hope to hear you out on the ice sometime soon…

Danny Guard, EL Paso Black Rhinos Blind Hockey Club

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