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over 1 year ago
Ice Hockey as we know it today is a fast sport played on skates made by various manufacturers, but they all have one thing in common, a thin blade of medal is what they skate on...
over 1 year ago
Adrienne Louise Clarkson PC CC CMM COM CD FRSC(hon) FRAIC(hon) FRCPSC(hon) (Chinese: 伍冰枝; née Poy, Februa...
over 2 years ago
Two hours after the Oilers won the Stanley Cup in 1988, Gretzky learned from his father that the Oilers were planning to deal him to another team.]Walter had known for months, b...
over 2 years ago
The world’s oldest shinty trophy has remarkably turned up on a farm in the Highlands – just yards from where the match it had commemorated was played 184 years ...
over 2 years ago
Jamie Dwyer could have been revered around the globe as another Cristiano Ronaldo or Lionel Messi had he chosen soccer over hockey. But hockey chose him, writes Gen&...
almost 3 years ago
Constance Mary Katherine Applebee (1873–1981), promoter of women's field hockey, was born Katherine Mary at Chigwell Row, Chigwell, Essex, on 4 June ...
about 3 years ago
    By GREGG DRINNAN Edward Lyman Abbott (right photo) was, they all agreed, one of a ki...
over 3 years ago
At his home in Forest Hill, Ont., Foster Hewitt has just finished cooking a steak. A crew from CBC Television's Graphic is on hand to witness not only Hewitt...
over 3 years ago
Three years after the Summit Series captivated hockey fans across Canada, the Soviet Union's best players return for a New Year's Eve matchup with the Montreal Canadi...
over 3 years ago
New York Rangers Rookie Chris Kreider is rewriting the NHL Records books in Spectacular Fashion. The kid can score at any level, and he thrives with pressure, and winning res...
over 3 years ago
A Very Good Hockey Video Game History With Music, Commentary, Ads, Games & Consoles
over 3 years ago
While short-handed, Goalie Mark Visentin corralled the puck behind his own net and lofted the puck down the ice into the vacated Ottawa 67’s goal for the game’s f...
over 3 years ago
Riccardo Torriani - Richard "Bibi" Torriani                     ...
almost 4 years ago
River’s Frozen, Hockey Anyone? Article by The origins of the modern game of ice hockey are obscure, and a perusal of the history of t...
about 4 years ago
Conn Smythe named William George Barker - Will Barker, the first President of The Toronto Maple Leafs in 1927. On Thursday, September 22, 2011 a memorial statue was ...
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