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HC '05 Banská Bystrica 2019 Tipsport Lig...
by PRESIDENT on April 17th, 2019
HC '05 Banská Bystrica  Tipsport Liga Champions 2019 Slovenská Extraliga Team Roster  Martin Nemčík, Vladimír Mihalik, Ivan Ďatelinka, Ben Marshall, Branislav Kubka, Ryan...
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U.S. Women's National Team 2019 IIHF Wor...
by PRESIDENT on April 14th, 2019
U.S. Women's National Team IIHF World Ice Hockey Champions 2019 Team Roster Lee Stecklein, Cayla Barnes, Megan Keller, Emily Pfalzer, Megan Bozek, Kelly Pannek, Briann...
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HC Donbass / ХК Донбас 2019 Ukrainian Ho...
by PRESIDENT on April 14th, 2019
HC Donbass / ХК Донбас Ukrainian Hockey League / UHL Champions 2019 Team Roster Vitali Lyalka, Ilya Korenchuk, Viktor Zakharov, Alexander Kostikov, Vitaly Kiryuschenkov...
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Calgary Inferno 2019 Clarkson Cup Champions
by PRESIDENT on March 24th, 2019
Calgary Inferno 2019 Clarkson Cup Champions Team Roster Zoe Hickel, Kelty Apperso, Brianna Decker, Laura Dostaler, Venla Hovi, Brianne Jenner, Rebecca Johnston, Erica ...
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Minnesota Whitecaps 2019 Isobel Cup Cham...
by PRESIDENT on March 18th, 2019
Minnesota Whitecaps Isobel Cup Champions 2019 Team Roster Kendall Coyne Schofield, Lee Stecklein, Julie Friend, Jonna Curtis, Chelsey Brodt Rosenthal, Winny Brodt B...
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Suomi jääkiekko / Finland 2019 World Jun...
by PRESIDENT on January 5th, 2019
Suomi jääkiekko / Finland 2019 World Junior Ice Hockey Champions Team Roster   Ukko-Pekka Luukkonen, Filip Lindberg, Oskari Laaksonen, Toni Utunen, Urho Vaakana...
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Kalevan Pallo / KalPa 2018 Spengler Cup ...
by PRESIDENT on January 1st, 2019
Kalevan Pallo / KalPa Koupio 2018 Spengler Cup Champions Team Roster  Denis Godla, Daniel Manzato, Mikael Seppälä, Joona Riekkinen, Ari Gröndahl, Cade Fairchild, Otto Les...
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Belgium Red Lions 2018 Men's Hockey Worl...
by PRESIDENT on December 16th, 2018
Belgium Red Lions 2018 Men's Hockey World Cup Champions Team Roster  Thomas Briels (captain), Loic van Doren, Arthur Van Doren, John-John Dohmen, Florent van Aubel, Sébas...


The International Hockey Federation (FIH) today announced Rightster, the world’s fastest growing online video distribution and marketing network, as its new digital media partner. The new deal is part of FIH's marketing and digital strategy which is fan-centric in its approach, ensuring all prime international hockey matches are made available on YouTube via multiple devices and syndicated across Rightster’s network.

The digital media partnership begins summer 2013 and will run through December 2014. It will make available live streaming of more than 300 matches including the Hockey World League 2013/2014, the Rabobank Hockey World Cup 2014 and the Hockey Champions Trophies 2014 on YouTube, aiming to secure million views after one year.  


Rightster will also:

  • Promote and market 500 pieces of video on demand on YouTube including highlights, master classes and behind the scenes entertaining content
  • Manage the YouTube channel including hosting of the broadcast feed
  • Maintain a digital archive of all of events
  • Distribute the content to over 3000 syndicated partners via online media destinations, branded portals, social networking sites, connected TV/gaming platforms and specialist blogs

In addition to live streaming, YouTube channel management, and promotion of matches to a wider audience by seeding content across its existing network of publishers, Rightster has also developed a special widget for hockey’s 127 National Associations to place on their homepage allowing fans to watch live content without leaving the site.

“Rightster has a strong track record of distributing and promoting video content through YouTube – and other channels. Over 3,000 syndication publishing partners are currently connected to the Rightster network and the company is managing 150 million views per month on YouTube, which means we will be able to distribute our content far and wide,” said Kelly Fairweather, FIH Chief Executive.

“We want to make our events more accessible as we believe the more people that see high quality hockey matches then the more they will want to get involved with the sport as spectators, followers and players. With Rightster specialising in audience growth, we are confident they are the perfect partner to make this happen.”

Rightster CEO, Charlie Muirhead said, "Rightster is delighted and excited to be working with FIH to help them grow their digital distribution, audience and revenue. Through this partnership Rightster will provide the technical tools and audience development expertise to give FIH control and transparency over their digital distribution. These are two crucial factors for Sports Federations today as they manage the complexity of a media landscape crowded with digital opportunities and risks."

The first FIH event to be included in new partnership will be the Rabobank Hockey World League Semi-Finals in Rotterdam, Netherlands beginning on June 13 2013. Details of the streaming address link will be available on the FIH YouTube channel.


Article originally published at http://www.fih.ch/ 


Visit Rightster at http://rightster.com/

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