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Greetings everyone and welcome to the first of many HockeyGods.com updates. We will be keeping you informed of what we are currently working on and what we have coming through the pipeline and into the future. Most importantly we want to know what you guys/gals want to see next!

This initial update has brought with it quite a few changes and the foundation has been laid for several to come. Currently we have updated the wite with...

  • New design and layout with a bunch of new features and navigational elements (which we promise won't be drastically changing for a while!)
  • Several new and exciting article columns and contributers.
  • An entire NHL statistics section (currently only player stats with a lot more to come.)
  • Other tweaks and changes and things I'm forgetting.

A few of the things that we are planning on getting up and running in the near future are ...

  • Article entries at a constant rate from different writers providing great content from all different angles of hockey.
  • Continuation of the stats area which will include team-related information, other leagues and players and different types of hockey.
  • Finishing the new design and take care of any beta related issues.
  • An entire community section complete with forums and more interactive areas.
  • NHL Hockey pools!

So stay tuned into HockeyGods.com and watch for the changes to come. We promise you will not be disappointed! Also we encourage you to drop below to the comments and let us know what you like, what you dislike, and what you would like to see in the future!

Thanks for your guys/gals' support and we hope to have you stay with us as we grow into the biggest, most informative hockey website around!


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about 9 years ago

Greetings from Denmark!

Came across your videos on youtube, and had to have a look at the site.
Good to hear it is evolving, feared you guys had quit!

I would like to see more articles and videos, funny stuff and reports!
There also seem to lack a bigger independent hockey site/forum/community with a different angle? or is that just me?
I also feel that canadian hockey need to get back on top, only 2-3 teams making the playoffs is to bad.

How many hits does the site get a day?
Whats with the 888 in your logo?
Why make a statistic section? Does it differ from the different leagues?

about 9 years ago

Hey KANUCK, Thanks for your interest and support from Denmark! To answer a few of your questions, we are planning an entire community section (as mentioned in the post) which we hope will offer many different and unique features available to hockey fans all over!

The 888 in the logo represents the day which Worldwide HockeyGods Inc. was incorporated (August 8th, 2008)

The statistic section is very much in its beginnings, and is a natural by-product of housing the foundation for future hockey pools, which has been a main idea from the get-go, here at HockeyGods.com.

Thanks for the feed back!


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